DPSC Meeting Minutes


School Council Meeting- March

Deer park Spirit  wear now available to purchase on our DPSC website.

Funfair meetings starting every Friday at 9 am. All parents welcome.

Need volunteers to help with Friday lunches.


1.      Extra-Curricular (Sports)

·        Volleyball April 8

·        Badminton April 4 and 5

·        Running Club with Ms Chee

·        Swim Meet April 2 and 4

·       Regional Track & Field Meet at Birchmount May 9th


2.     Seasons of Love THEATRE DEER PARK PERFORMANCE         April 30th  75 students involved         (request $1000-1500 from DPSC)



3.      Staff Information


4.      Important Dates

·        Grade 5 Island School this Wednesday

·       Kick-off Assembly JUMP ROPE FOR HEART 10:00 a.m.              April 12th

·       “Love this World!” Earth Week                                                       April 15th-18th

·       Deer Park Track & Field Grade 1-6                                                April 16th

·       Deer Park Track & Field Grade 7-8                                                April 17th

·       3M Club to St. James Drop-In Centre for decorating                    April 23rd

·       Junior Wellness Initiative Gr. 4-6                                                    May 7th 

·       Jump Rope for Heart                                                                      May 10th

·       3M Club to St. James Drop-In Centre for decorating                     May 14th

·       TRIVIA NIGHT                                                                                May 24th

·       Grade 7 Trip to Camp Wahanowin                                                June 10th -14th

·       Grade 6 Trip to Ottawa                                                                  June 12th -14th

·       Grade 8 Trip to Quebec/Montreal                                                  June 17th – 21st

·       GRADE 8 GRADUATION                                                               June 25th

·       School Theatre Trip: Dear Evan Hansen                                        June 26th